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Jewellery restoration & restyling

Here at PJ Jewellery we carry out a lot of work on jewellery restyling and restoration, this includes the reshaping of old rings into completely new designs. If you have an old piece of jewellery you no longer wear and have something in mind for a restyle we can work together to design the perfect piece for you.
Inevitability with age your treasured jewellery will show signs of wear, this is a process can be reversed. The claws may need retipping to ensure the security of diamonds and gemstones. The band or shank can wear thin when worn against another ring, this can be repaired and the sides of the settings or the under bezels can also be repaired when they wear thin.
You may have a piece of jewellery that you would like restyling or several pieces incorporating into one piece, you may want to make use of existing stone or maybe reuse your gold - together we can design a piece that works for you.
If you require our jewellery repairs and restoration services on an old piece that has become worn we can restore it to its former glory, ready for you to wear once again. If you would like any more information on what we can repair, restore or restyle for you please contact us .

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