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Jewellery remounting

The decision to remount a diamond ring is a great way to preserve a valued possession. When the band and setting has worn out and can no longer hold the gem in place, this can result in the gem falling out. Another reason you may decide jewellery remounting is your best option may be if you want to update the appearance of your ring, or preserve the original diamond or gem in a new ring design.

Gemstone setting

Here at PJ Jewellery our craftsmen secure the stones into their settings by first cutting a seat in which the stone sits and continuing to cover the stone from above with an additional metal, to hold it securely in place. There are different gemstone setting options depending on both the size and shape of the stone.
Every gemstone setting we carry out is long lasting and secured using them best methods and materials, we pride ourselves on the quality and strength of each piece we craft here at PJ Jewellery.

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