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Diamond education

Whether you are simply interested in finding out more about diamonds or you are thinking about buying one, there are four main areas you need to know about, the cut, colour, clarity and carat.


How much a diamond sparkles is down to the way in which it is both cut and polished. When determining the brilliance of a diamond, symmetry, proportion and polish are all taking into account.


Most diamonds in fact appear colourless, but some may have yellow tones to them. The more colourless a stone is the more valuable and the higher graded. The grading system beings at D and ends at Z, an ideal diamond would be a graded as at a D.The yellow tone begins at the colour I.
When looking for your perfect stone you can choose from a selection which will be sourced to your specific requirement in mind and to fit a budget of your choice.


The clarity of a diamond refers to any imperfections or inclusions that may be visible. The location of a diamond on the clarity scale is dependent on the number, type, size and placement of any imperfections.


How expensive a stone is, is usually down to its size, this also distinguishes what piece of jewellery it will become part of. However the value of the stone is also dependent on the cut, colour and clarity.

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